My CharMap

My CharMap Version 1.1 Free

Zoom and re-size the characters on windows so that you can see and read them without straining your eyes

Are you short-sighted? Do you face difficulty in reading the content on your desktop display? Does constantly looking at and reading from your computer puts strain on your eyes? If yes, then you no longer have to strain your eyes from now on. My CharMap is a tool which has been developed especially for your eyes so that you can see and are able to read the characters displayed on your computer screen easily and comfortably.
Every version of windows have CharMap tool installed in it, but it may not be good enough for some people who are too much short sighted. My CharMap has been developed to enhance the features of CharMap, so that people can zoom or re-size the display as much as they want.
Using My CharMap is very easy, and it can be downloaded from many different websites freely. The software tool supports writing styles of many different fonts, so that no one faces any problems while using it.
One simply has to select the thing which he wishes to be magnified and the re-sized object is displayed in a special window of the tool at the side of the desktop where one can see it easily.
My CharMap is a small sized tool, which can be downloaded and installed easily and is supported by many different versions of MicroSoft Windows (NT, ME, XP, 2000, 2003, 89, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1).
The software is tested for presence of any kind of files or material which can harm your system and has been found free of it, so using it is very much secure for your system.
Users come first